Kerlo Research Inc
Kerlo Research Inc

Innovative Services and a new approach to Research

At Kerlo Research, we believe in advancement of medicine through innovative approach and the use of modern technology. By providing a common platform to researchers and sponsor companies located in any part of the world, we aim to bring the best minds in medicine and research come closer and work together for the common goal.

Investigators and clinical sites registered in our global database enjoy various services tailored to their individual needs. Our main goal is to make sure that we provide the highest qulaity of service with a cost effective approach for both Investigators as well as companies sponsoring research.

We have developed industry wide partnerships and collaborations that enable us to offer a wide range of services to our customers. Investigators and clinical sites have 3 basic flexible options to choose from:

Option 1: Free Registration for Investigators
You get free access to studies from sponsor companies and Clinical research organizations (CRO) who utilize our database services. This is a free trial option with limited number of studies. With this free registration option, Kerlo Research do not provide any additional assistance.

Option 2: Study Identification and support
We provide business development services to your site and if you are an experienced research site with supporting clinical staff, we recommend you to choose this service. You will be provided with a broad range of studies tailored to your requirements. We provide study identification and start-up support activities. We do not provide clinical staff or patient recruitment assistance.

Option 3: Site Network
Become part of our extensive network of investigative sites located throughout United States. Once we identify studies for your site, we facilitate you in all areas from study start-up activities, budget negotiation, contracts, regulatory submissions through patient recruitment and study end support. We also provide you a clinical coordinator at your location and a project manager.

Unlike other providers, we offer these customized and flexible options under one roof as per individual site requirements. We work with several qualified physicians with a diverse range of specialties and have conducted a wide variety of studies with successful enrollment targets.

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Kerlo Research Introducing Patient Recruitment Services

Kerlo Research has launched a new division offering a unique mix of patient recruitment tools.

Over the years, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has realized that one of the biggest and most common challenges of clinical studies has been patient recruitment. The investigators and clinical site staff unintentionally over estimates the number of patients they can enroll in a particular study and that causes study delays resulting millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Using modern social media tools such as Facebook marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter and specific study related blogs and study landing pages, our team of experts specialize in launching patient recruitment campaigns for all kinds of Phase I-IV studies. We also have dedicated staff to call in patients if you have your own referral list. Sites within our network could avail of the special discounted rates to take advantage of these unique services. Please click here or the Patients recruitment services tab for more details.

Kerlo Research Inc

Are you a Physician interested in Research?

Investigators registered in our global database are exposed to a high number of clinical studies conducted by some of the largest companies in the world.

With added benefits, like complimentary patient recruitment assistance for your studies using our Research Patient Database (RPD) matching patient/study technology, we make sure that all physicians listed with us enjoy the best service.

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Kerlo Research Inc

Are you a Sponsor or a CRO?

Our goal is to provide you access to a collection of the global listing of clinical researchers and investigative sites located across different countries. We aim to make sure that when you design and plan your study, you have the best information available to decide upon your sites.

Having access to our database means a one stop shop for locating individual investigators or a research facility interested in research located anywhere in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Kerlo Research Inc

Are you interested in or have already participated in Clinical Research?

If you are new to clinical research and are interested in participating in a study, you will find this the best place to gather more information and get in touch with Investigators. We ask you to provide only your name, US zip code or city you reside in for other countries, brief information about your previous participation in any studies and your email address for future correspondence.

All this information will be kept secured in our Research Participant Database (RPD) and will be provided to Investigators located within 30 miles of your location.

Kerlo Research Inc

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